Drang Drung Glacier

Drang Drung Glacier is a very unique natural phenomenon of the world. As you get the coup d’oeil you will be on the cloud nine. Drang Drung Glacier baffles your understanding and cannot be explained in words. The uncanny panoramic view of Drang Drung Glacier will fill your heart with no regret.

Drang Drung Glacier in Leh

So hurry and don’t miss the right season. No matter about the time that a road journey will take to reach this place because you have to travel through the villages like Sonmarg. The scenic beauty of which will mesmerize you and leave you spellbound.

History of Drang Drung Glacier

Being one of the Nature’s Charisma Drang Drung Glacier haunts its tourists to the karakoram ranges. Beside Siachen Glacier this is perhaps the puffy glacier at Ladakh. The Drang Drung Glacier is situated near the Pensi La Mountain Pass at Kargil- Zanskar road. The mountain glacier Drang Drung is widened to a maximum length of 23 km with a statistical elevation of 15,680 ft. Doda peak is the elated point on the glacier that is elevated to a height of 21,490 ft. from the glacier. The Glacier is accessible at the north eastern Himalayan range or Zanskar Range, situated 142 kms south from Kargil district. The Drang Drung Glacier is a hanker river of ice and snow, a rootage of Stod river which is a feeder of Zanskar River and Zanskar River is an affluent of Indus river. 

Accommodation near Drang Drung Glacier

We suggest you to stay near Drang Drung Glacier. An overnight stay there will make you more confined with the scenic beauty. You will feel like having a changed personality within yourself. Some of the hotels near Drang Drung Glacier will provide you with warm coziness.

Beauty of Drang Drung Glaciers in Leh

Few of them are listed below:
  • D’zojilla Hotel
  • Siachen
  • Hotel Greenland Kargil
  • Zojilla Residency
  • Hotel Caravan Sarai

These hotels will be a perfect resting place after one day trekking to Drang Drung Glacier.

Food at Drang Drung Glacier

Nearby restaurants are rare at Drang Drung Glacier. You can only take some dry foods before going to this place. Restaurants which are attached with the hotels (above mentioned) are available at Kargil. Some of the food which is necessary for high altitude journey is like popcorn, Cajun, chewing gum and beer or doctor’s brandy etc. These food and beverages will protect you from the chilled wind.

Best Time to Visit Drang Drung Glacier

The Drang Drung Glacier is accessible to the wanderer all through the year. We suggest Drang Drung Glacier not to be convenient in some of the months because of heavy snow and ice. The preferable time to go to this place is July and August. If you have a Royal Enfield bike with you set off for this wonderful place easily during these months. The different color of nature at different times of day will engage you as an eye witness. Only avoid traveling at night.

About Drang Drung Glacier

How to Reach Drang Drung Glacier

There is much connectivity which will provide you with options to reach this place.

By Road: You can travel by deluxe bus or ordinary bus with a cost of 600/700 (INR). You can also take a taxi which will cost you near about 9,000/10,000 (INR). You can gather a group of five people to travel in a shared taxi. So the per head cost will be 2000 (INR).

By Air: Leh airport is the convenient domestic airport to reach to this place. You can hire a taxi from there to reach to the Drang Drung Glacier. You can travel by Delhi airport also as that is an international airport. Hired Bus or Taxi or Jeep will take you to Ladakh with an overnight journey.

There are various travel guides that will take you to the proper destination.

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